‘I have failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed” – Michael Jordan

During my eight years as a personal trainer, I have worked with a number of different individuals with a diverse range of goals. Watching my clients persevere, gain confidence, and ultimately seeing them accomplish their goals is what I love most about being a trainer. Though beginning a routine is never easy, having someone in your corner that believes in you and is willing to push you, makes that journey much easier.
Having been an athlete my entire life as well as playing multiple sports at the collegiate level, I know what it takes to establish a routine, stick to a reasonable diet and push through limitations. Thus, I can relate to my clients as well as create individualized plans to meet their specific needs and wants.
I would love to be the person in YOUR corner, along YOUR journey to a better you!


Ryan began his career in fitness training over 10 years ago. He was an early adopter of MMA, CrossFit and Weightlifting. A deep appreciation for physical movement and skill acquisition formed the foundation for further athletic development and coaching as a child. In his early teens, he played traditional sports but then transitioned to the martial arts which with exception of brief stints of high school swimming and diving, would be the focus of his efforts beginning on 1997 and lasting through 2001. He had 6 ring fights, only losing once to a teammate.
Went from fighting to family in 2001, resulting in a loss of fitness. To remedy this, later in 2003 he came across the CrossFit website. A rapid immersion into the workouts, the online community and the knowledge presented by both the message board and the publications of headquarters itself all combined to form what he considers his “second degree”. After gaining his level 1 and level 2 certification in 2004 he was chosen by CrossFit Headquarters to present at the national level. He has also served as a member of the level 1 seminar coaching staff from 2008-2009.
In the past 3 years, Ryan began focusing his own athletic pursuits to the realm of Olympic weightlifting, resulting in a third place showing in the 2016 Pan American Masters and an unofficial state record for the snatch for his age and weight class. He has pursued extensive coaching knowledge in this area as well as obtaining the USAW Levels 1and 2 coaching certifications and taking opportunities to learn from other experts in the sport.


I found CrossFit back in 2006 after a few years of more traditional powerlifting workouts. I was hooked immediately. The ever-changing workouts, the mental battle each workout, the competitive atmosphere, and most importantly, the incredible camaraderie within the gym make CrossFit the most rewarding fitness-style I’ve ever experienced. I obtained my Level 1 certification in 2009 and started coaching with CrossFit Milwaukee (the original!)
The best part about coaching at FUEL is the constant encouragement by EVERY member. Our athletes will stay after they finish their workout to cheer on a fellow member. Egos are left at the door because everybody has experienced the same level of exhaustion throughout the CrossFit life.
Im a father of three boys, so maintaining my health and energy level is vital to keeping up with them. I love working out with my wife, which offers a great opportunity to spend extra time together and provide some ‘shared pain’.


Dr. Drew Neville’s interest in health and fitness goes back to his high school days when his football team to the state championship. It took hard work and fueled his dedication to fitness since. He has participated in the ’06 ’07 ’08 Body Building shows and won Mr. Milwaukee in 2007, 2008, and 2009. In 2010, he coached and helped train a lady athlete, who competed in Worlds Powerlifting competition.
He earned his BS in Bio Medicine and his Doctorate in Chiropractic and expanded his work becoming a National presenter and trainer for an international company focusing on energy and wellness. Along the way, the gym has always been a second home.
He has worked with a team of Chiropractors in a clinical setting, owned his own HBL center, and currently works as an independent Chiropractor. His emphasis is on energetic, healing, strength training, coaching, and chiropractic care. His concern is for the mind, body and spirit, recognizing the incredible connections of all three. He looks forward to challenging those around him as well as himself.


Jacob is CrossFit Level 1 certified and brings with him a love for crossfitting and helping others reach their goals.
“With physical fitness being a passion of mine for the last 7 years, I am actually somewhat new to the CrossFit community. In fact, my first exposure to CrossFit was when I attended CFL1 Training at CrossFit: Tough as Nails in Oviedo, FL. All it took was one workout and I was hooked! It is now a passion of mine and I am looking forward to both coaching and continuing to immerse myself in the community. Besides coaching I also work as a personal trainer, and I love spending most of my free time with my wife and three kids”

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